2020 Training At A Glance

With only 28 days left in 2019, the Open Options training department has been busy connecting with customers this past year. We were thrilled to have over 250 class attendees in 2019 and were excited to spread the Open Options knowledge base.

For 2020, our new Training schedule has been released. To help make that training more available, the 2020 calendar includes additional regional classes to meet the demand for DNA Fusion training. Our team begins our journey in Tulsa, Oklahoma this January and will continue training classes from coast to coast in cities such as Seattle, Orlando, Southern California and Boise.

In these sessions, Open Options will conduct both Dealer Essentials certification training and System Administrator class in the regional locations. We have also added an Integration class to the Open Options training catalog. The new class will debut in October and is expected to fill quickly based on the initial reaction from our trainees.

Open Options system users will find Administrator training dates as well as Connect Care dates. While we have conducted Administrator classes for years, the new Connect Care class is a component of the Connect Care Service Plan. It provides the system user with a hands-on class that includes wiring of hardware and programming of the DNA Fusion system. This class provides system users with the tools they need to support their DNA Fusion system.

To view the full Open Options training calendar, visit the ConnectEd website – https://ooaccesss.netexam.com. You will need to register on the site to view the training calendar. Once approved, you can view and register for classes. We look forward to seeing you in 2020!