Auto Unlock and Door Activity Reports Mysteriously Disappear Without a Trace

A customer ran into problems when they discovered that they could no longer set doors to auto unlock and their trace history on doors was not working. This was unacceptable, as the customer needed doors to follow a time schedule to lock and unlock, and they needed reports on doors to check activity and traffic. As a trusted partner, the Technical Support team at Open Options got the call.

Tech Support Supervisor Zack Davis tackled the auto unlock issue first. The option was missing in the hardware properties when the door properties were opened. He immediately knew that it was a permission issue on the current operator’s profile. He verified that the operator should have that capability and the user verified. He went into the operator profile and made the correct permission change to allow auto unlock.

He then looked into the trace history issue to find out why it was not functional. They were getting an invalid source error when running a trace history report. Zack had encountered this issue on multiple occasions in the past with other customers and knew to look at SQL. Upon checking SQL, he found they were running in compatibility mode for 2000, instead of 2008. He made the change in SQL to be compatibility mode 2008 to correct the error. He closed out of DNA, restarted the DNA driver, and then relaunched DNA Fusion.     

“After discovering and solving the permission limit on the operator’s profile, the end-user was able to successfully and easily apply the auto unlock schedule to doors again,” said Nic Robran, Technical Support Manager, Open Options. “For the trace history report on the door, Zack verified that they were functional after his changes in SQL, which allowed the user to utilize those reports to review door activity. The customer was extremely happy with those items being resolved.”

But Tech Support wasn’t done, known to go the extra mile to help a customer have access that connects the dots.  Zack finished the call with one final check on their system, as they had just completed a big upgrade jump in DNA Fusion versions from 6.5 to 7.7. He uncovered that they needed to upgrade their firmware on their controllers. He walked them through getting those upgraded to the latest firmware and verified once again that everything was functional on their site – much to the customer’s delight. The customer was now fully upgraded and had a fully functioning system. Mission accomplished.