Banking on Connect Care for an Upgrade Worth Checking

A large bank in the South was ready to upgrade to the latest version of DNA Fusion (Version 7) for all the new features and functionality. Because this end-user is part of the Connect Care program, the bank had direct access to Open Options, along with the dealer. And they are sure glad they did. 

The end-user desired to schedule an appointment with Open Options to ensure that everything went smoothly during the upgrade. The bank wanted to take advantage of Connect Care, which represents the next level of customer care for access control installations. The Connect Care program provides access that connects end-user customers to Open Options’ Tech Support directly for a quick resolution of challenges or issues – with a qualified, experienced professional at the other end of the line.

The end-user customer stepped through the upgrade with Luis, a tech support specialist at Open Options. The bank also wanted to ensure that their alarm panel integration was brought online successfully with the latest version of DNA Fusion, which is the most advanced open platform access control solution on the market today. 

The bank’s DNA Fusion environment consisted of two site drivers, so it was important to have them update the DNA server with site driver 1 before they upgraded the client that had site driver 2.  However, the upgrade hit a snag. 

“They encountered a SQL protocol issue during the upgrade, but Luis was prepared with the solution,” said Nic Robran, Technical Support Manager, Open Options. “So, they breezed through the upgrade and successfully pushed out the upgrade to the remaining remote clients on their system.”

The next step was ensuring that the DMP integration was functioning. “We previously did a custom setup for them with the DMP integration, so Lane, our subject matter expert, was prepared and ready to assist when they ran into an issue with the DMP receiver functionality,” added Robran. 

After a quick analysis, Lane discovered they had a firewall issue that was causing the interruption in the service. Once he let the customer know, they passed that information onto their network technicians, who resolved the issue.

“The end-user customer was pleased that the upgrade was completed, and their entire system was back online and functioning, as desired,” said Robran. “Our Connect Care program allowed us to directly assist the end-user in this case, since the entire event was software and network related.”

This upgrade also showcased the mutually beneficial relationship between Open Options and the dealer, helping and supporting each other in a customer-first commitment to excellence. “The local dealer was on standby in case they needed to take any action on the hardware side,” added Robran, building the end-user’s confidence in the dealer for ongoing support. “But they were able to allocate resources to other projects, which they liked, since Open Options was able to assist through our Connect Care program.”