Business Growth Opportunities + Training = Satisfied Customer

An integrator had a dilemma. As the increasing end-user demand for Open Options’ DNA Fusion platform created more and more growth opportunities for their business, they realized that they didn’t have enough of their personnel trained to help end-users from start to finish across hardware and software components. Open Options’ Training department came to the rescue. 

With several projects already calling for the use of DNA Fusion in the near future, the integrator needed an on-site facilitation of training on the popular Open Options platform. Interestingly, the half dozen participants came to class apprehensive, with preconceived notions about the “complexities” of what they thought DNA Fusion held in regard to programming panels and adding users. Soon after the class began, they were pleasantly surprised.

“After breaking down each section, ranging from adding hardware to personnel and more, there was a clear understanding of what DNA Fusion was capable of and how to use it to the benefit of their customers,” said Brittany Tate, Technical Trainer, Open Options. “At the end of the training, all of the participants said they were appreciative, not only of the training, but also of Open Options as a whole for making everything user-friendly.”

After learning the software from installation to completion, they left the three days of training better prepared to fulfill the responsibilities at hand as integrators of security solutions. Now, the company had enough team members certified to meet the growing demand and do the job.  They could start immediately applying in the field what they had learned in class.  Also, as a follow-up, they signed up for the new training portal offered by Open Options to assist with classes or WebEx sessions for their end-user customers in the future

“Investing in the training from Open Options provided a growth opportunity for the company,” said Tate. “We received positive feedback about the hands-on practice with real hardware, as well as our presenting clear solutions to serious protocols, such as creating a lockdown method.”

One participant wrote on the feedback form, "As a consulting engineer, I will be able to convey Open Options benefits to potential customers. This overview covers all the basics; I should be able to answer all their questions."

Another commented that he had "a much deeper understanding of the features and functions available" that can be used going forward for their customers. The company confirmed that the training was time well spent.