Coronavirus Pandemic Exposes Need for Tighter Visitor Management

Because of the coronavirus pandemic threatening to spread among their patient population, a healthcare institution realized that they urgently needed to monitor and limit visitors. To make it easier for them, the Open Options sales team worked with the integrator to provide consultative advice and help this customer rapidly assess a wide variety of visitor management solutions.

Limiting visitors, who could potentially be carrying the novel coronavirus without knowing it, is key to preserving the health and safety of patients. The visitor management technology needs to support and align with a new visitor policy that the healthcare organization is required to institute, limiting one visitor per patient per day. This is intended to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19, the highly contagious coronavirus that has been sweeping across the world.

The customer expressed the need for a convenient way to monitor compliance with this new policy and to expeditiously pull reports based on it. Open Options was able to provide insight about the security aspects and desired outcomes of visitor management. In the face of unprecedented challenges because of the global pandemic, the trust that the customer and the integrator have with Open Options deepened.

“We worked with the healthcare customer’s integrator to propose all of the visitor management solutions that DNA Fusion works with, along with a few that we currently don't,” said Scot Sturges, Sales Manager at Open Options. “We want the customer to see the comprehensive spectrum of choices, so they can make the best decision possible to meet their immediate needs in this challenging time, as well as establishing a strong foundation for future expansion.”