Covid-19: An Important Update for Our Customers

Open Options' General Manager, Chuck O'Leary, releases official statement on the current situation. View the official statement below.

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Dear Open Options customers,

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation develops, all of our lives will undoubtedly be affected.

Families, communities, and businesses are navigating a truly unprecedented global event. In this time, we know it’s critical that we operate and adapt to a safe working environment.

We are closely monitoring the situation, making judgments and decisions daily with the rapidly changing environmental conditions. We have advised our staff to avoid travel at this time, and to conduct meetings remotely through alternative communication tools.

We know that this challenges normal business practice, however, we feel that it is an appropriate precaution for both our employees and customers. We are following the guidance of our respective governments and health authorities and will ensure swift and diligent action in accordance with any regulation that is mandated.

As we allow many of our employees to work from home, there will be little disruption to our regular service and support hours. We’ll be sure to update you if things change via our website, and through other communication means. As of today, many of our suppliers have confirmed that they remain open for business and are addressing product stock supplies.

We thank you for your continued loyalty. Your business is important to us, and we know that communication is critical during times such as these.

Best regards,

Chuck O’Leary | General Manager