Customer Appreciation Event Honors School’s Maintenance Department

The maintenance department of a school is rarely acknowledged publicly for a “job well done,” but the Open Options sales team, along with our partner GC&E, hosted a “Thank You” luncheon for the maintenance department of a large K-12 school district in the southeastern region of the United States to show appreciation for the work they do in the community. 

The school district has been an Open Options customer since 2015, and it currently uses DNA Fusion to secure more than three dozen schools and tens of thousands of students.   

“Our honoring a customer shows the level of partnership and relationship we have with our customers”. We’ve seen a significant increase in new & existing K-12 customers who are looking to add more security to their schools and classrooms,” said Charles Johnson, Southeast Regional Sales Manager at Open Options.

The customer appreciation event was a planned luncheon with the maintenance personnel at all levels from the school district. Maintenance helps support increasing the security of the school district. “They have done a great job over the past year, and we wanted to express our gratitude,” added Johnson.

Governor Kemp of Georgia recently announced a new grant program for public schools; each receiving $30,000 to improve security and safety in all public schools. The money received will help this large school district to add an additional 115 doors onto DNA Fusion in the next 9 months. 

The two-way relationship with Open Options makes securing K-12 worth appreciating.