Customer Tells Integrator: Figure it out; Open Options Sales to the Rescue

An integrator received an anxious phone call from an end-user customer who needed a “custom report” to be developed before an upcoming security audit. He required the custom report that would automatically deactivate cards not used after 45 days. The deadline to deliver this “custom” solution was extremely tight.

To make matters worse, the end-user customer had no budgetary funds available to pay for customer development. Nonetheless, the customer told the integrator to “figure it out”.

When our integrator realized the challenge he was up against, he made the call to the one source of consistent sales support for access control -- the Sales team at Open Options. The message was simply: Help! 

The response from Open Options was typically helpful and completely unanticipated. 

“Once our integrator reached out for help, it was explained that what the customer assumed would be a custom report with potential development fee, was actually an inherent feature already built into DNA Fusion,” said Scot Sturges, sales manager at Open Options. “We explained the feature to the integrator and the end-user then engaged Open Options Tech Support to assist with the installation.”

No custom development was needed. Indeed, the feature already conveniently existed in DNA Fusion. The customer got the functionality that they wanted within the timeframe needed. Open Options was ahead of the game, proactively anticipating what different customers may want for access control.

“The customer had this feature set up and running on the same day that the supposed ‘custom report’ request was made,” added Sturges. “This example goes to show that among the biggest assets that Open Options shares with partners and customers is communication.”