Customer‘s Frustration Roared until Professional Services Created Hakuna Matata-like User Satisfaction

Open Options Professional Services is accustomed to being proactive to help customers plan out implementations and solve complexities. But when one customer wasted 8 years being frustrated with DNA Fusion because they overlooked the value of Professional Services, the Open Options team got reactive to give the customer a problem-free, no-worry experience with DNA Fusion.

Prior to receiving Open Options’ assistance, the customer was furious. They were not getting the support from the dealer that they felt they needed to use DNA Fusion. They felt the software did not meet their needs. Reports were not working, and the software was not configured correctly. After nearly a decade of using it, the customer was gearing up to throw DNA Fusion out the door – or in their case, out of nearly 300 doors across the organization’s facilities in multiple states.

Undeterred, Professional Services swooped in to resolve the issues. John Hubbard, National Sales Engineer, was the Open Options rep who went on site. He quickly discovered that the customer was not aware of some key features that were available to them. It turned out that the dealer had not provided adequate support, and the users had never been trained on all the functionality, while the customer had underestimated the need for Professional Services to be involved.

Hubbard explained the actions he took. “I analyzed their database and helped them get the database to a size that would help DNA Fusion run faster. Once the application was running more smoothly, I found out that they were unable to run reports on the DNA Fusion clients, and I was able to resolve this issue for them. Once these issues were resolved, the customer realized that Open Options goes the extra mile to help them.”

One of the biggest issues for them was how hard it was to find doors at certain locations because the controllers were not listed together under the hardware tree; they were sorted by address. “Once I showed them how to sort them by hardware name, the customer was extremely happy. This makes it easier for them to find the various doors on their system,” he added.

Because of Open Options Professional Services, the customer learned to quickly run different information-ready reports; how to create door groups for different locations; how to add buttons to a tool bar for quick access to open doors and run direct commands for things such as a lockdown, and how they have the ability to show door status and control doors, as well as show when hardware is in alarm mode.

The impact of Professional Services to create a problem-free experience (hakuna matata-like) resulted in not only the customer reversing their decision to throw DNA Fusion out, but also doubling-down on loving DNA Fusion like never before, having a new confidence in the system, and seeing Professional Services in a totally new light.