Driving the Conversion to DNA Fusion with Professional Services

A customer in the commercial real estate industry wanted to transition to the DNA Fusion software platform, while still using Mercury panels for its access control. Because Open Options had developed a “conversion module” to transition from one manufacturer’s system to DNA Fusion, the customer engaged with the Professional Services team at Open Options to perform a database conversion.

“The customer wanted to convert from another Mercury-based access control application to DNA Fusion,” explained William Murphey, a Professional Services representative at Open Options. “The integrator wanted to ensure that the process would be as painless as possible to mitigate any risks associated with such a change-out.” 

The conversion module that Open Options offers is used to seamlessly convert an existing access control system to DNA Fusion, so the customer can gain all the benefits of the market-leading platform from Open Options. The Professional Services team was initially engaged to scope out the conversion process and to identify any potential hurdles to the conversion process by evaluating a copy of the competitive system's database.

“Once the evaluation was complete, we informed the integrator that the conversion would be pretty straightforward,” said Murphey, pointing to the confidence that Open Options instilled in the customer.

As planned, Professional Services helped the customer with the database conversion, resulting in a happy customer.

“We were able to successfully convert them into DNA Fusion and confirmed all door functionality worked as expected,” said the customer. “All in all, this migration went very well, and the process was very simple to implement into the field. I appreciate the work and quick turnaround times to accomplish this project. The facility team and security have had a great experience with this transition and are impressed by the capabilities of DNA Fusion from the initial feedback we have received.”

Professional Services provides on-site support with expert know-how, ranging from assistance in planning to deployments and upgrades for large or complex systems. Professional Services also delivers remote services through which a technical professional can access a customer’s DNA Fusion service for installations, conversions and more.