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Overcoming the Disruption of Employee Departures on Access Control

A property management company that had a workforce reduction was having trouble logging into DNA Fusion because one of the operators was no longer with the company. Without a password that was required, this existing Open Options customer was in dire need to solve the problem. Their main contact at their dealer, unfortunately, had also left his position. With nowhere else to turn amid all the personnel changes, the end-user turned to the Sales team at Open Option as the ultimate problem-solvers to quarterback a last-minute drive to a resolution.

When the end-user customer attempted to log into DNA Fusion, they received an error message that the SQL database was not connecting. It was a Microsoft issue, not a DNA Fusion issue. The customer initially called into the Tech Support team at Open Options, but a resolution was going to require a coordinated effort across different functions.

The regional sales team at Open Options reached out to the customer and scheduled a WebEx session with the customer and their IT department. The Sales leader also brought in his colleagues from the Tech Support side of Open Options for additional troubleshooting. After they worked on the problem in a collaborative fashion, Open Options was able to access their computer and successfully run the reports that they required. This is comforting during challenging times when changes, including personnel changes, can cause disruptions and create new issues that need a coordinated effort to resolve. Open Options provides access that connects customers to resolutions. This is part of the promise of ConnectCare, which is the next level of customer care, especially useful in times of uncertainty and disruption.