Everything Shuts Down: Time to Call Open Options Tech Support

The site was taken offline each time the DNA driver crashed, which was every time a download command was issued. If an attempt was made to restart it, the driver would immediately stop. The only option was to contact Tech Support at Open Options.

After initial troubleshooting by Tech Support did not resolve the issue, the Open Options technician, Jose Charco, asked the customer to send in the database, which was loaded up in Open Options’ state-of-the-art issue resolution environment. Jose worked with Lane Ford, a senior technician on the Tech Support team, to identify the issue.

The Tech Support team uncovered that the customer had an invalid time schedule parameter in their database. It was the cause of crashing the driver when it attempted to initiate the download. The next step was clearly to resolve it, relying on the ingenuity of Tech Support.

“Our subject matter expert, Lane, was quickly able to assist Jose with locating the issue in the customer’s database and provide custom SQL scripts to correct the issue on site,” said Nic Robran, Technical Support Manager, Open Options. “Once Jose was able to get back into the customer system, he executed those scripts against their database. They ran successfully and changed the rows with errors. He then started the DNA driver successfully, executed a download to all controllers, verified the DNA driver was stable, and verified the download completed successfully.”

As a result, the customer site was back online and 100% operational with the restored capability of being able to push downloads and new information out to all the controllers. The shutdown was finally over.

This is an example of the type of commitment to excellence that Open Options’ Tech Support team has. It represents the core values of the company’s Connect Care mantra. When you need to get back up and running, the Tech Support team are ready to jump into action to assist you.