Below is a partial listing of the available replacement TEXT items available in our current Code
Also can be found in the Fusion Users manual (C:\Program Files (x86)\DNAFusion\Manuals) D-1

If you need the Company data, the process for product change requests is to contact the Sales Representative for your area, and discuss your requirements with him, to better facilitate your needs.

%ALARMCARD% Event Defines Alarm Card State Alarm Card or NOT Alarm Card
%CARD% Event Card Number 256
%CARDFLAG% Event Card flags associated with card Watched, Alarm Card, etc.
%CARDTYPE% Event Card Type as Text Visitor, Normal, etc.
%DATE% Event Event Date 2/24/2004
%EVENTDATA% Event Event Data from DNA Event MPG Controlled by Operator
%EVENTGROUP% Event Event Grouping 1, 2, 3, etc.
%FIRSTNAME% Event Cardholder’s First Name John
%FLOOR% Event Elevator Floor 5
%MESSAGE% Event Event Message Became Active
%MSG% Event Event Message Index 18
%PERSON% Event Cardholder’s Name Smith, John
%PERSONTYPE% Event Person Type as Text Visitor, Normal, etc.
%PHOTO1% Event Cardholder’s Photo 1 Image \\Server\Photos\JSmith1.jpg
%PHOTO2% Event Cardholder’s Photo 2 Image \\Server\Photos\JSmith2.jpg
%PHOTO3% Event Cardholder’s Photo 3 Image \\Server\Photos\JSmith3.jpg
%PHOTO4% Event Cardholder’s Photo 4 Image \\Server\Photos\JSmith4.jpg
%PRIORITY% Event Alarm Object Priority 1, 2, 3, etc.
%SECURITYLEVEL% Event Hardware Object Security Level High, Medium, Low, Normal
%SOURCENUMBER% Event Hardware Event Source Number 1, 2, 3, etc.
%SOURCETYPE% Event Hardware Event Source Type 1, 2, 3, etc.
%TENANT% Event Tenant Number 1
%TENANTNAME% Event Tenant Name Student Hall
%TIME% Event Event Time 2:15:03 PM
%TIMEDATE% Event Event Time & Date 2/24/2004 14:15
%WATCH% Event Watched Status of Card Watched or Clear
%ADDR% Hardware Hardware Object Address String 1.1.1.I6
%ADDRESS% Hardware Hardware Object Description Front Entrance
%ALARM% Hardware Alarm Status in Text Form Alarm, RTN, ACK, etc.
%ALARMINFO% Hardware Hardware Specific Alarm Text If this is in alarm, call…
%AREA% Hardware Event’s Area as Number 1
%ARMSTATE% Hardware Arm or Disarm State Armed, Disarmed, etc.
%CAMERA% Hardware Camera Name Motion1
%CAMERAID% Hardware Camera Number 1
%DOOR% Hardware Event’s Door as Number 1