The SSP will need to be configured in the Properties, Stored Quantities, to store Trigger codes.
Then you will need to create Trigger codes, if not already created, Hardware, Trigger codes, and clicking New in the trigger code dialog box
Assign a Trigger code to the Card. Example assigning TC:1 into slot 1

A macro will need to be built, (4 commands)Type 1 to unlock the reader, and to Activate the CP you need activated
type 2 to secure the reader (card only mode), and to deactivate the CP you previously activated.
Trigger will be on the card read, access granted, door used to execute type one events, directed to your Macro, and Requite match 1 and TC:1 set in the trigger
The other trigger will be Access Granted Unlocked event, executing Type 2 events, directed to your Macro, also configured with Require Match 1 and TC:1