Jose Charco


See Instructions Below:

Open the Server Manager.
2. Click the Add Roles option under the Roles Summary option.

The Add Roles Wizard – Before You Begin dialog will be displayed.
3. Click Next.

The Select Server Roles screen will appear.
4. Confirm that the Application Server option is selected.

If it is, click Cancel. You are done.

If it is not, select the Application Server checkbox.

The Add Roles Wizard screen appears.
5. Click the Add Required Feature button.
6. Click Next when the Application Server – Introduction to Application Server screen is displayed.

The Role Services dialog appears.
7. Select the following Role Services and click Next.
 Application Server Foundation
 COM+ Network Access
 Incoming Remote Transactions
 Outgoing Remote Transactions
8. When the Confirmation dialog appears, select Install.

The Installation Results screen will be displayed with the results of the installation.
If the Installation was successful, click Close.

If the Installation fails, verify that the Windows user has the proper rights.

NOTE: Acquiring the Installation Disks for Server 2008 maybe useful before reattempting the process again.