Lane Ford

Just tested LP-1502 from Windows 10 Enterprise with IE and Microsoft Edge.
Have you tried to Factory Default the LP or try a different PC.

Bulk Erase Configuration Memory:
The bulk erase function can be used for the following purposes:
 Erase all configuration and cardholder database (sanitize board, less third party applications)
 Update OEM default parameters after OEM code has been changed
 Recover from database corruption causing LP1502 board to continuously reboot
If clearing the memory does not correct the initialization problem, contact technical support.
Bulk Erase Steps: Do not remove power during steps 1-8.
1. Set S1 DIP switches to: 1 & 2 “ON”, 3 & 4 “OFF”.
2. Apply power to the LP1502 board. LED 1 on for about 15 seconds while LP1502 boots up.
3. After the LP1502 boots up, watch for LEDs 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 to alternately flash at a 0.5 second rate.
4. Within 10 seconds after the above pattern starts, change switches 1 or 2 to “OFF”. If these switches are not changed, the LP1502 board will power up using the OEM default communication parameters.
5. LED 2 will flash indicating that the configuration memory is being erased.
6. Full memory erase takes up to 60 seconds, usually a lot less.
7. When complete, only LEDs 1 & 4 will flash for about 3 seconds.
8. The LP1502 board will complete its initialization in 2 seconds after LEDs 1 & 4 stop flashing.

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