Hey Spencer,

Here is our current stance on the new OS release. Hope this is helpful.

Open Options is currently in the process of testing all aspects of DNA Fusion on Windows 10 Enterprise to ensure complete functionality. We have not seen any issues in testing the core DNA Fusion product but have not tested all 3rd party integrations and add-ons. Our goal is to fully support our products on the OS by the end of this year. If you choose to run DNA Fusion on Windows 10 prior to official support you do so assuming responsibility for any unforeseen issues. Open Options will continue to support sites under SWM agreements provided the issue is with our product and not the OS.

Obviously, we would suggest running in a test environment prior to putting into production. We will make an announcement once we have completed all testing and full support on the OS.

If you do test on Windows 10 and run into any issues, please let us know so we can address on our end.