Helpful Tips to Share from our One-on-One Training Sessions

Dealers and end-user customers attend separate classes to focus on their specific needs. Dealers need to know how to program and configure the system, while a system user is focused on the day-to-day operations of the software. It also allows each group to collaborate with other students that face the same challenges and issues. This allows them to learn from each other, hear each other’s questions and feedback, and spark some creative ideas. But when the Covid pandemic start, training sessions went to one-on-one sessions (hello, WebEx), the sharing of challenges, learnings, and insights have not been so easy to come by but the Open Options trainers provided some scenarios to get the students strategizing. With that, we thought we’d share with you a few things both dealers and end-users have been dealing with and learning in recent weeks.

Partial Lockdown - Tip #1

A dealer needed to know more about how to configure a partial lockdown with an email host based macro specifically for one of his upcoming projects with complex details. The training team at Open Options was able to sit down and talk about concepts including what they wanted to happen and when they wanted it to happen. Once that information had been identified, the scenario was setup and tested multiple times. The dealer left the session confident that he could accomplish the task.

Time Schedules and Holidays – Tip #2

Another dealer did not fully understand the concept of time schedules and holidays or how they were being affected at the controller level. A deeper understanding of how to use the holiday types in DNA Fusion in correlation with the time schedules was needed to help one of his customers who had businesses in multiple parts of the world. Open Options training was there for him with a solution to his issue.

Using Extra Options – Tip #3

The participant had been using DNA Fusion for about a year but never had formal training, which resulted in missing or incorrect concepts. The main disconnect was knowing what the extra options meant in the access levels and pulling information manually. Because the customer was self-taught, he was unaware of how to assign priorities to access levels or how to use various reports such as trace history or event history. Open Options was able to train him in a way that worked for him As a result, it allowed him to be more productive with the DNA Fusion system.

“Participants mentioned that they were shocked and impressed that they were receiving one-on-one sessions since they don't typically receive that kind of treatment with other companies,” said Brittany Tate, Technical Trainer at Open Options. “When one of the one-on-one dealer classes ended, the participant mentioned that he was in the process of being assigned to a project overseas and needed to make sure that he had a firm foundation on DNA Fusion before he left the training. He marveled at how the training was customized to his needs and gave him knowledge he would be able to use as soon as he touched down for his next project.”

Training is always here for you.