37 Bit Card Format (with facility code)


The HID 37 bit Wiegand format with Facility Code is H10304.  The format consists of 2 parity bits, 16 bit Facility Code and 19 bit Cardholder ID fields.


P = Parity
O = Odd Parity
E = Even Parity
X = Parity mask
F = Facility Code, range = 0 to  65,535
C = Cardholder ID, range = 0 to 524,287


Card Layout

Card Type:Wiegand
Number of Bits:37
Number of bits to sum for Even Parity:19
Even Parity start:0
Number of bits to sum for Odd Parity:19
Odd Parity start:18
Number of Facility Code bits:16
Facility Code start:1
Number of Cardholder ID bits:19
Cardholder ID start:17
Number of Issue Code bits:0
Issue Code start:0