Discontinued Canon Powershot G for Fusion ID

Issue: Canon suspended support for the Powershot’s SDK after Windows XP. There is no longer any way to utilize the Canon camera with Windows 7 and later operating systems.

Applies to: Canon Powershot G series cameras and DNA Fusion (Fusion ID)

Summary: Canon has discontinued support for the Powershot’s SDK after Windows XP, therefore we are no longer able to utilize the Canon camera with Fusion ID running on Windows 7 and later operating systems.

Please see the supported camera options below that are supported in Fusion ID.

Option 1:

Val Cam Badging Camera – The Val Cam Zoom + 9000-628 USB camera with a built-in flash has been integrated into DNA Fusion. A disk with the required drivers is included with the camera. After the drivers have been installed, plug in the camera and it is ready to start taking badging photos.

Download Valcam 9000-628 datasheet

Option 2:

Use a 3rd Party TWAIN driver – The UniTwain Universal Twain Driver is necessary to utilize a TWAIN camera such as a webcam or a laptop camera. This driver was developed by a 3rd party vendor and must be installed on the badging client in order to capture photos.

The driver is available for purchase from the following link.

It should be noted that not all web cameras support the use of TWAIN drivers. Make sure that the camera supports TWAIN before proceeding with this option.

Open Options does not offer support for this option as there are too many options available.