Engage Credential Functions

Credential functions in the Engage reader allow a card to perform specialized functions.  In previous versions, we have supported the "Pass Thru" function with the standard 'Override' flag.  This allows a card to open a door that is in Lock Down mode.  However, Engage supports these additional credential modes

One Time- A onetime use credential opens a door only once with the normal function. Once a onetime use credential has been used on a door, it will no longer work on that door. It can still work on other doors, to which it has been assigned.

Supervised- Supervised credentials allow access only when a second supervised credential is presented.

Toggle- A toggle credential opens a door and leaves it open until it is closed again by a toggle credential. It toggles a door between locked and unlocked.

Freeze- A freeze credential disables the credential reader. After a freeze credential has been used on a lock, only a pass-through credential will operate the lock. Present a freeze credential to return the lock to an operational state.

Lock Down- A lock-down credential will always put the lock into the secured mode plus freeze credential functionality.

Dogged- Toggle credential functionality for a crash bar exit device (only when we add support for the RM/RU to the IP Gateway integration

These options are available via Global Access Levels.  If the site is licensed to Engage IP Gateway a new option will be available on the Global Access Level header.  It has no meaning if you don't select any Engage doors.  By using the Access Level approach, you can allow a credential to have different functionality on a door by door basis.

NOTE: If a credential, due to having multiple access levels assigned that use credential functions, ends up with multiple functions only one will be applied. The credential function with the highest priority will be used.  The priority is as follows.  Keep in mind that using the 'Override' flag on a credential applies to all doors globally and overrides any credential functions applied via an Access Level.

  1. Pass Thru
  2. Lock Down
  3. Freeze
  4. Toggle
  5. Supervised
  6. Dogged
  7. One Time