Magstripe with Facility Code


The bit processing is handled by the controller and output is returned as digits.  There is a sequence of 5-bit blocks for each digit (1 bit parity, 4 bit binary-coded decimal BCD).

Most Magstripe cards that use a Facility Code store it on the first X digits.

Some older Magstripe cards using Facility Code store it after the Cardholder ID (and before the Issue code).


F = Facility Code, range = 0 to  9,999
C = Cardholder ID, range = 0 to 99,999
I = Issue Code,    range = 0 to     99


Card Layout

Card Type:Mag
Min number of digits:11
Max number of digits:20
Number of facility code digits:4
Facility Code start:5
Number of Cardholder ID digits:5
Cardholder ID start:0
Number of Issue Code digits:2
Issue Code start:0