TB 18.4 – NSC-100’s and Network Upgrade Issues

Topic:  NSC-100s and Network Upgrade Issues

Applies to: All versions of DNA Fusion and NSC-100 network sub-controllers in certain network environments

Summary: The NSC-100 sub-controller is a 10 Mbps, half-duplex device only. When upgrading networks, it is imperative to select a network switch that has the option to configure its ports for 10 Mbps/half-duplex in order for the NSC-100s to operate successfully.

Users may experience issues with NSC-100s not coming online or bouncing on/offline in DNA Fusion due to trouble with the auto-negotiation function on certain routers or switches not configured for 10 Mbps/half-duplex.

Resolution: Configure the network switch or router port for 10 Mbps/half-duplex. Please refer to your network device’s operator or instruction manual for details on setting port speeds.

Download Technical Bulletin (PDF): 

  TB18-4 (196 KB)