TB 19.5 – Unknown Event Received at Driver

Topic: Unknown Event Received at Driver displays when using Mercury hardware based elevator control

Applies to: Elevator control using Mercury hardware and DNA Fusion

Summary: The “Unknown Event received at Driver” event is displayed when an elevator is being accessed.  The event does not indicate an error or affect functionality, however disabling the event from appearing on the Events Grid is an option until version 7.6 is available. In the interim, the event can be disabled from displaying in the Event Grid.  Additional elevator access information will be populated with the release of DNA Fusion 7.6

Resolution: Download the full technical bulletin below for instruction on how to disable the event from the Event logging Editor in DNA Fusion.  This will prevent the event description from showing up on the Event Grid.  Once DNA Fusion 7.6 has been released, Open Options recommends upgrading the system and re-enabling the event.

Download Technical Bulletin (PDF): 

  TB19-5 (421 KB)