ThyssenKrupp(TKE) Enhancements

This feature allows the user to assign a default floor to a cardholder (along with a couple of attributes related to it) and have an elevator automatically dispatched for that floor when the cardholder badges at a Kiosk with the 'Register Call (Turnstile)' flag checked.  This will typically be a Turnstile in a lobby. Enabling this feature requires the following steps.

  1. Mark the Kiosk with the 'Register Call (Turnstile)' option.
  2. Modify the Elevator Flags for any cardholder that has a default floor.  In addition to the Default Floor, you can designate the Rear opening, the amount of time it takes to Walk to the Elevator in seconds, and preference as to what elevator(s) this user has.  For now, the Car Preference is a numerical value and clarification from ThyssenKrupp is needed before final implementation.  It will most likely change in subsequent releases to some sort of drop-down of available elevators. For now, don't use it unless you talk to the Open Options development team first.

When a card is badged at a Kiosk that supports the 'Register Call' option AND they have a default floor, a call request for the default floor will be sent to TKE controller with no further action necessary by the cardholder.  If the cardholder does not have a default floor it will just execute the standard 'Card Swipe' call where the user is expected to select a floor from the available floors.