TB 19.12 – Fusion Web Changes for ASSA Access Levels

Topic: Fusion Web changes for ASSA access levels.

Applies To: ASSA Access Levels in Fusion Web

Summary: This technical bulletin describes the new functionality added to Fusion Web and explains the necessary steps to upgrade an existing system.
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TB 19.11 – ASSA Filtering in DNA Fusion

Topic: Creating ASSA hardware filters in DNA Fusion.

Applies To: ASSA ABLOY Hardware

Summary: This technical bulletin explains filtering support for ASSA hardware and access levels in DNA Fusion. Creating a new hardware filter in DNA Fusion allows the ASSA hardware and access levels to be grouped into a filter. DNA Fusion filters determine the operator’s view in the Hardware Browser’s access levels. This filter can then be applied to an operator or workstation. This bulletin describes the process of creating an ASSA filter in DNA Fusion.
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TB 19.13 – Power to the Reader on Series 3 Panels

Topic: Setting the Power Reader Select jumper to the appropriate configuration to allow power to the reader.

Summary: The Series 3 access control panel’s jumper setting is utilized differently than previous series boards. By default, the Power Reader Select jumper is in the 12V position. If powering a 12-volt reader, the Power Reader Select jumper must be set to pass through (PASS/PT). This allows power to pass-through the input voltage of the control panel. Readers that require different voltage or have high current requirements should be powered separately.

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TB 19.10 – Requesting a DNA Fusion Demo License

Topic: Requesting and downloading a DNA Fusion demo license.

Summary: This technical bulletin will explain the process of requesting a DNA Fusion demo License through Open Options. This bulletin will also cover the downloading process and where to find additional information.

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TB 19.9 – 240 VAC Option – PDU-16STD Power Supply

Topic: Utilizing the 240 VAC option on the PDU-16STD (Lock Power Enclosure) power supply.

Applies To: PDU-16STD Power Supply.

Resolution: Cutting the trace on the back of the PDU-16STD will allow the board to use 240 VAC.

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TB 19.8 – SSP-LX Firmware Update

Applies To: SSP-LX controllers.

Issue: SSP-LX controllers running firmware version 1.22.9 are having trouble directly upgrading the controller’s firmware to version 1.26 or higher.

Solution: Download and run two separate installers on the DNA Fusion server to upgrade the firmware in increments. The installer links are included in this technical bulletin. Upgrade the SSP-LX controller to firmware version after downloading the first installer. Then download the second installer to enable upgrades to version 1.26 or later versions.

Summary: SSP-LX controllers running on the firmware version 1.22.9 are having trouble directly upgrading to firmware version 1.26 or higher. Upgrade the SSP-LX controller to firmware version and then the controller’s firmware can be upgraded to version 1.26 or higher. In addition to the incremental firmware updates, two installers are required to complete the upgrade.

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TB 19.6 – SSP Controller Disconnecting

Topic:  SSP controllers periodically losing network connection and going offline

Applies to: SSP Controllers (All Mercury EP Series)

Summary: Mercury discovered that gratuitous ARP requests are causing connection issues for some SSP controllers (Mercury EP series controllers). Updating the controller’s firmware to version 1.274 corrects the issue and only sends ARP request if the controller detects a change in the Ethernet link state.

Resolution: Update the firmware in the SSP Controller with version 1.274.  Download the full Technical Bulletin for instructions on how to download firmware to controllers.

Download Technical Bulletin (PDF): 

TB 19.5 – Unknown Event Received at Driver

Topic: Unknown Event Received at Driver displays when using Mercury hardware based elevator control

Applies to: Elevator control using Mercury hardware and DNA Fusion

Summary: The “Unknown Event received at Driver” event is displayed when an elevator is being accessed.  The event does not indicate an error or affect functionality, however disabling the event from appearing on the Events Grid is an option until version 7.6 is available. In the interim, the event can be disabled from displaying in the Event Grid.  Additional elevator access information will be populated with the release of DNA Fusion 7.6

Resolution: Download the full technical bulletin below for instruction on how to disable the event from the Event logging Editor in DNA Fusion.  This will prevent the event description from showing up on the Event Grid.  Once DNA Fusion 7.6 has been released, Open Options recommends upgrading the system and re-enabling the event.

Download Technical Bulletin (PDF): 

  TB19-5 (421 KB)

TB 19.4 – OSDP Reader Stability Enhancements

Topic: OSDP Reader Stability Enhancements

Applies to: All iCLASS SE, multiCLASS SE or pivCLASS OSDP-enabled readers communicating via RS-485 half duplex

Summary: This technical bulletin covers the known performance irregularities and stability improvements for HID iCLASS, multiCLASS SE, and pivCLASS readers when connected to an Open Option’s controller or sub-controller using the OSDP interface.

Resolution: Download the full bulletin below and use as a guide to troubleshooting common technical issues with affected reader products using OSDP.

Download Technical Bulletin (PDF): 

  TB19-4 (401 KB)

TB 19.3 – Preventing DNA Fusion installation failure on an offline Windows Server 2019

Topic: How to prevent DNA Fusion installation failure on an offline Windows Server 2019

Applies to: DNA Fusion installation with an offline Windows Server 2019

Summary: The This technical bulletin explains how to prevent an installation failure when installing DNA Fusion on an offline Windows Server 2019.

Resolution: Pre-configure the Windows Server 2019 using the instructions in the full technical bulletin prior to installing DNA Fusion.  Download the full bulletin using the link below.

Download Technical Bulletin (PDF): 

  TB19-3 (666 KB)