Ninja Course Brings Out the Best in Open Options Tech Support

The mystery of why the access control system was having problems at an entertainment center with full-scale “ninja course” and laser tag was baffling the end-user customer, who could not get sufficient support from their dealer and was left stranded. Concerned that “little ninjas” (children playing the games) would be running around the building with doors having issues, the customer called Open Options Tech Support, who answered the call and sprang into action with ninja-like speed, precision, and alacrity.

Jose Charco, a technical support expert at Open Options, listened carefully to the customer explain the problems: new employees couldn’t access the system; the hardware was offline, and DNA Fusion was down. Since the customer was not a part of our Connect Care program, they technically were supposed to go through their dealer for support. In this emergency, they were unable to contact their dealer so Open Options put the customer first. “We always assist in doing what we can to get a customer back online,” said Nicholas Robran, Technical Support Manager at Open Options.

The customer, whose five-door system consisted of one main controller and two sub-controllers, called in with the initial issues of “Access Denied: Not in Card File” when his new employees were trying to get access. He also had “SSP COMM Failure = Timeout.” From Open Options’ command center, Jose accessed the system remotely and discovered the first issue.

“The customer had his DNA Fusion software on a Windows 10 Home OS. DNA Fusion is not supported on Windows 10 Home, as it does not include all the features necessary for a fully functioning system,” explained Robran. “The first step in addressing the issue was to get the end-users system on a supported OS. Jose got him to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro.”

The next step was to get a service account setup on their system to ensure everything was running with the correct permissions. Jose walked him through that setup to make sure all the checks were in the box to ensure smooth operation in the future. Once that was done, Jose was able to launch DNA Fusion and get the driver connected and online.

Furthermore, Jose had the customer locate the controller and walked him through programming and doing a reset to ensure everything was correct on the controller side. Once completed, the controller updated and came online. Jose had him do a download on the controller and test his new employees’ credentials. He verified they were now getting “Access Granted” for new employees and ensured the controller and sub-controllers were online.

“The customer was extremely grateful for the support,” said Jose Charco – Technical Support Technician. “And he said he was going to reach out to get training from Open Options, so he could better understand his system in the future.”