No DNA Fusion, No Active Directory Integration, No Problem

To secure their schools, a large school district on the gulf coast of Florida could not take any chances with a migration to new, enterprise-level access control to replace their existing access control hodge-podge that ran on five separate servers. They needed assurance that the installation of DNA Fusion with Active Directory integration would go smoothly. The customer saw value in calling in Open Options’ Professional Services.

The school district had never used DNA Fusion, and they were concerned that the integration of DNA Fusion with Active Directory would be problematic. The person responsible for access control had no experience with DNA Fusion. They requested that Professional Services support them with the software configuration and rollout. No problem.

As a proof of concept (POC), the district required the installation of a pilot system at one of their schools, consisting of 34 access-controlled doors. Open Options' Professional Services was engaged to spend a full week on-site to assist in commissioning the system and configuring Active Directory (AD) integration. The district chose DNA Fusion for the enterprise-like capabilities they wanted for access control ̶ albeit, customized for a school district.

“The decision to bring in Professional Services was because it would provide a high level of assurance that DNA Fusion and AD integration would be installed and configured properly, as well as having an on-site resource to assist with any potential issues as they might arise,” said William Murphey, Professional Services Manager at Open Options. “Our team took on the project to travel to the customer's site and work for a week with them and the dealer installing the hardware to install DNA Fusion with AD integration.”

Open Options Professional Services personnel worked with the customer's IT team to configure the servers for installation. Once completed, the installation was carried out within the time allotted, including time for testing and troubleshooting the system configuration.

“By working with the customer in such a close manner, we were able to recommend best practices and configuration options for future sites,” said Murphey. “This led to the customer redesigning the planned hardware configuration for the remainder of the sites, as well as choosing to engage Open Options Professional Services for the upcoming 3 to 4 installations to ensure project success.”

In the end, thanks to the excellent experience with the Professional Services team, the school district decided to move forward with Open Options and DNA Fusion for the rest of their schools.