Proprietary Traps vs Open Architecture Access Control

Open Options President and CEO Steve Fisher was recently invited to share his views on the value of Open Architecture Access Control with Security Products magazine. As the developer of Open Options’ DNA Fusion open architecture access control software, Fisher has been a leading voice in security technology and the move to open architecture. See an excerpt and a PDF link to the article below.

The Proprietary Trap — Open Architecture Access Control 101 as it generally relates to access control and security technology

The word “open” brings a certain degree of cache to discussions regarding computing technologies. Generally used to describe a degree of availability and interoperability around both software and hardware, it’s the de facto standard for most network and computing equipment as we can purchase hard drives, keyboards, and other devices designed to operate in an ad-hoc or a-la-carte manner from any wide array of providers. It wasn’t always like this, however...

Read entire open architecture access control article by downloading the PDF.

Icon of The Proprietary Trap The Proprietary Trap (1.6 MB)