Open Options Helps Customer with Global Expansion

A customer in the petrochemical industry was expanding globally and had a need for local support at their new sites in Scotland, Holland and Norway. At first, the customer was reluctant to ask Open Options to help identify local resources because they were unsure of the company’s international contacts, but when they did inquire, they were pleasantly surprised to discover that Open Options has a vast global integration network that can help a US-based company with offices in other countries.  

The sales team at Open Options were quick to understand the customer’s geographically distributed requirements and connect them with local support for all three locations. It would not have happened if the customer had not reached out to Open Options to ask the question about the global integration network that Open Options cultivates, vets and collaborates with.  

“As with many companies that expand outside the United States, our customer needed the ability to develop contacts at each of their international locations for install, integration and local support,” said Scot Sturges, Regional Sales Manager, Open Options. “Within a single day, we had the customer successfully engaged with trusted partners in all locations in Europe and in the UK.”   

Global expansion was new for this customer, and they did not have the time to spend weeks or months looking for trustworthy local support in different countries. They were accustomed to having the local Dealer for all of their access control needs at their headquarters in Houston, Texas. They wanted the same level of comfort as they expanded, now that they found themselves thinking globally, but still with the need to act locally.   

“The customer was thrilled that not only does Open Options support their needs from an enterprise software perspective, but we can also allocate resources from our global integrator network to assist with their global expansion,” added Sturges.   

This is access that connects… anytime, anywhere.