Open Options Kicks off 2019 with National Sales Meeting

Earlier this week, Open Options employees gathered for the company’s national sales meeting, an annual event where the team reviews the successes of the previous year, sets goals for the upcoming year, and celebrates with well-deserved honors and accolades.

At this year’s meeting, our sales force met with each of the Open Options department managers, including operations and training, software development, marketing, and more. These breakout sessions were highly beneficial in discussing and building on the progress made in 2018 and implementing goals for 2019.

Numerous individuals were recognized for their accomplishments during the company-wide portion of the meeting. Members of the sales team who achieved sales milestones are listed below:

Scot Sturges

Charles Johnson

Brad Rollans

Additionally, there were four individual sales awards given during the meeting:

Highest growth in software maintenance – Bill Meekins

Highest revenue growth – Charles Johnson

Highest growth in software sales - David Johnstone

Highest growth in new site sales – David Johnstone

Salesperson of the year – Scot Sturges

Scot Sturges was also recognized for 10 years of dedicated service to Open Options.

Lastly, several employees were acknowledged for their efforts and exemplary contributions to the company throughout 2018:

Lauren Yonis, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Kaygee Ofilas, Receptionist

Brent Doherty, VP of Marketing & Communications

George Crawford, Software Developer

Roscoe Coffman, VP of Operations

Brad Rollans, Midwest US & Central Canada Sales Manager

Open Options enjoyed a great 2018 with incredible growth, new team members, and several enhanced product offerings and partnerships. To read more about what we accomplished in 2018, click here. We are looking forward to a productive and successful 2019!