Open Options’ Tech Support Team is Always Ready to “Engage”

A customer wanted to use one of Open Options newer integrations of the Engage IP doors but soon “hit a wall” when they were unable to add any additional gateways beyond 255. The fact that this is a common hard stop in technology didn’t make the customer feel better, as the project came to a complete halt. The customer picked up the phone and called Tech Support at Open Options. The flexibility and the streamlined response of Open Options made the difference.

After verifying the issue, Support Technician Jose Charco was able to get this issue over to the Development team, which created a fix that was quickly sent out to the dealer to implement on the customer site. The project was back in action. However, soon afterward, the installation hit another wall at 316 Engage gateways. The dealer called Open Options Tech Support again.

The Development team identified the new issue and again quickly released an updated driver to handle the higher gateway requirement. Yet, once the dealer had all the Engage gateways added, the dealer hit yet another issue: not being able to link all the doors in DNA Fusion. In response, the Tech Support team at Open Options took charge to solve the issue once and for all.

“Our Support team and Dev team were already concentrated on this site, so we quickly attacked the issue, as the whole team focused on getting them a resolution,” said Nicholas Robran, Vice President, Customer Support at Open Options. “This one took a bit longer to resolve, but it was eventually discovered that there was an issue with specific gateway models. Once Dev found that problem, we once again got out an additional updated driver to solve it.” 

Tech Support verified that they were able to add all the Engage gateways and link all the corresponding doors. The dealer was able to complete the project and get all the Engage Gateways online and the doors linked properly. The site was fully operational with the Engage IP Solution.

A key to the successful resolution for the customer was the excellent communication between the Support team and the Development team within Open Options – the same level of service that every customer receives from the maker of DNA Fusion. The final resolution in this case involved a few driver updates to handle the increased capacity on that feature. To ensure resolution, Tech Support followed up with the dealer multiple times after the last driver update was put in place. Once again, Open Options provided access that connects.