Open Options Partners with NEC to Provide DNA Fusion Customers Ultimate System Redundancy Solution With ExpressCluster

Addison, TX (June 6, 2016)—Open Options, the open architecture leader in access control, has partnered with NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a leading provider and integrator of advanced IT, communications, networking and biometric solutions, to offer DNA Fusion access control software users a high availability and redundancy solution.

“Companies invest thousands of dollars in security systems only to discover too late that if they don’t have a plan in place for system redundancy they can be caught with the inability to run critical systems perhaps when they need it most — during an emergency or disaster,” said Open Options President and General Manager Jonathan Berman. “Open Options has partnered with NEC to offer new backup options for DNA Fusion users via ExpressCluster®, an application that allows critical systems to continue to operate in the event of a failure.”

DNA Fusion — the most IT-centric solution available on the market that combines the best in access, video, data, and audio — is feature-rich and is easy-to-use, but like any security software application is best served by system backup. NEC’s ExpressCluster high availability and redundancy solution is the perfect supplement for such a robust access control solution as it affords the ability to provide uninterrupted delivery of access control in the event of a network outage or computer failure.

NEC ExpressCluster is an integrated High Availability and Disaster Recovery software redundancy solution that addresses fast recovery and continuous protection needs of business critical applications and data. ExpressCluster minimizes system outages due to sudden events like hardware, software, and site failures or planned outages due to hardware, software, and site maintenance.

ExpressCluster ensures High Availability to application and data in local area networks (LAN). With full clustering capabilities and unique synchronous data mirroring technology, it delivers reliable data protection at all times. ExpressCluster also offers powerful Disaster Recovery capabilities for business critical transactional applications and data. It ensures near-instant recovery after system failure for full data protection, even over standard T1 WAN spanning hundreds of miles.

“A key goal of any well-engineered security application system is minimized downtime to maintain continuity of security.  NEC ExpressCluster is designed to provide comprehensive redundancy for such systems.  We are very pleased to partner with Open Options to provide ExpressCluster solutions for DNA Fusion.” said Hide Senta, VP of strategic business, NEC Corporation of America.

“We’re excited about the added value that NEC’s ExpressCluster will bring to our DNA Fusion access control software and supporting Fusion Suite products,” said Berman. “ We know this integration adds another layer of sophistication to the product offerings we work hard to deliver to our end users.”

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