Open Options Announces New Bridge Technologies with Software House® and Vanderbilt

Addison, TX (October 31, 2016) — Open Options, the industry leader in open platform access control solutions, has partnered with Mercury Security to offer two new bridge technology integrations – with Software House® and Vanderbilt SMS – that provide even more choices to use access control products such as DNA Fusion™ software.

The new bridge technology developed by Mercury and implemented by Open Options for its DNA Fusion access control software provides end users a simple, yet effective, way to transition to an open platform solution from proprietary Software House® and legacy Vanderbilt SMS hardware.

“Many proprietary-based system users are realizing the limitations of such, and are beginning to understand the true value of an open architecture solution,” said Jonathan Berman, Open Options President and General Manager. “We’re excited to offer our customers an option when looking to convert to an open platform system for their physical security and access control needs.”

The Software House® Bridge solution dramatically simplifies the migration to the latest access control systems, such as DNA Fusion, while also creating an easy path to future upgrades as an organization evolves and new technologies are introduced. The award-winning Software House® Bridge series offers “screwdriver-less” upgrades from Software House® pro series panels to open, interoperable systems. To upgrade, customers simply disconnect the pro boards and connect the appropriate Mercury MS panel for an easy transition to the Authentic Mercury open platform.

The minimal installation process for the Vanderbilt Bridge involves removing the Vanderbilt SMS controllers and replacing them with an Open Options SSP series controller (SSP-EP, SSP-D2, or SSP-LX). The remaining Vanderbilt infrastructure is then refitted and power reapplied, leaving all field devices untouched. The SSP controller will talk downstream via RS-485 to the existing Vanderbilt modules to ensure secure communication back to the DNA Fusion access control software.

DNA Fusion is the standard in open platform access control software. It’s designed using the very latest in software development technology and contains countless customer-centric features that provide an extremely user-friendly experience. A true proponent of open architecture, DNA Fusion has the capability to interface with leading technologies in the industry to develop a customized, best-of-breed security solution

®Software House (Reg. No. 3010766) is a registered trademark of Sensormatic Electronics, LLC.

Mercury Security Products is not affiliated with or sponsored by Sensormatic Electronics LLC, Software House®, or Tyco International Ltd.

About Open Options

Since its founding in 1997, Open Options has been a pioneer in the open platform community, focused on helping customers improve security by building trust through the most connected experience. Today, the company continues to be a leading provider of innovative access control solutions with the most experienced, highly qualified service and support teams in the industry, providing access that connects. Open Options’ flagship access control platform, DNA Fusion, seamlessly connects with leading security technologies — including video, biometrics, wireless locks, and more — to provide customers with a best-in-class security solution. Our customer-first, open business culture and dedication to customer care through the Connect Care experience are what set us apart; when you do business with Open Options, you’re doing business with real people who care about your experience. To learn more about Open Options and our solutions, visit