Open Options DNA Fusion, SSP-D2 Intelligent Controller Now Registered on GSA Approval List

GSA approval

Addison, TX (March 14, 2016)—Open Options, an industry leader in open platform access control solutions, has announced that DNA Fusion access control software and the SSP-D2 intelligent controller are now registered on the United States General Services Administration GSA Approval list (APL #10075) under the PACS Infrastructure category.

The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 201-2 notified Open Options that both DNA Fusion and the SSP-D2 intelligent controller have been successfully tested against a rigorous, comprehensive set of functional requirements derived from government-wide specifications, said Open Options Vice President of Operations Roscoe Coffman. Testing included positive and negative test cases, and threat vectors.

“Open Options works to meet or exceed industry standards in our product offerings and we’re very pleased that we have now added GSA approval to our growing list of industry and government certifications,” said Coffman. Open Options has also achieved certification with Met Labs for Canadian ULC S319-05 and United States UL-294.

The GSA APL approval means that Open Options DNA Fusion and the SSP-D2 intelligent controller are now available to all federal agencies for procurement. GSA provides centralized procurement for the federal government, offering billions of dollars worth of products, services, and facilities that federal agencies need to serve the public. GSA’s acquisition solutions supply federal purchasers with cost-effective high-quality products and services from commercial vendors.

“The addition of both DNA Fusion and the SSP-D2 intelligent controller to the GSA APL is a win for government agencies needing a technologically-advanced yet affordable access control solution,” said Open Options Vice President of Marketing Brent Doherty. “We are excited to be expanding into the government market with our FIPS 201-2 solution and proud to offer agencies a choice when it comes to open platform access control.”

Open Options’ DNA Fusion is an open platform access control software with mobile, web, and ID applications for use in large, multi-facility implementations as well as small deployments. DNA Fusion allows users the ability to monitor several systems through a common interface including audio and IP video recording. Designed with 100% InfoReady architecture, information is always right at the fingertips.

The Open Options SSP-D2 is a native IP-ready intelligent controller with a built-in reader interface module allowing control of two doors right off the board and a total of 64 using additional reader and/or IO modules.

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