Professional Services Marches Forward to Solve Complex Issues for the Customer

The Army Depot in Texas was looking for more than just service maintenance for its security system. This DNA Fusion customer, who has an installation of 300 doors to secure, needed strategic planning for an upgrade, complex problem-solving, integration best practice-based advice, and guidance on FIPS compliance issues. When Open Options’ Professional Services did a courtesy, on-site visit at this Army Depot recently, they did more than the customer even expected. 

“First, we were able to resolve an issue the customer was having with reporting by correcting the permissions on the account running reports,” said Roscoe Coffman, Vice President of Operations, Open Options. “Next, we were able to address some misconceptions regarding a perceived ‘latency’ issue with card reads.”

“The so-called ‘latency issue’ was simply the difference in processing time for a 26-bit Prox card that has no security and a Common Access Card (CAC) card,” he explained. “The Prox card granted access in less than one second, while the CAC card takes about four seconds. The best approach is the education of the cardholders as well as best practices in integration.” 

Furthermore, with the customer in the process of installing turnstiles around the perimeter of the facility, Professional Services took the opportunity to assist with a successful deployment.

“The best approach for this is to count card reads and turnstile rotations, allowing the turnstile ‘Free wheel’ until the last user has passed through. After reviewing their turnstile documentation, we determined that they do not have this feature implemented on the turnstiles. We advised them to contact the turnstile manufacturer to assist them in getting this installed. Because of previous experience with many turnstile installations, I was able to provide them with advice to best implement them with the access control system.” 

While also addressing an issue with a DNA Fusion / Ocularis integration, Professional Services was able to provide guidance for the customer on the path to FIPS 201-2 compliance. “Through the process, I was able to help them better understand the issues and limitations of becoming FIPS compliant, as they move forward with a large system expansion.  We also let the customer know that we are available on an ongoing basis to strategize for better integration and FIPS 201-2 compliance,” said Roscoe.

This customer is also a fan of Open Options Professional Services for the two-way communication. “The customer stated several times his appreciation for our asking for customer input for improvements.” 

Continuous improvement is part of the ‘DNA’ of Open Options to ensure that Professional Services, along with other strategic pillars of Open Options’ Connect Care, continues to be a valuable asset that customers can access anytime to connect to the solutions that solve their issues and challenges.