We Get Personal When It Comes To You
  • Real People

    That added personal touch makes all the difference. When you call into our office, a live person answers. Live support is available 24 hours a day. We don’t depend on machines to prioritize, you are the priority. Last year, the same-day close rate was 99.97% for support. With us, you always know where you stand.

  • We Are Open Platform

    It is necessary to have the utmost confidence in your products and partners if you knowingly step into a platform where your system can easily be replaced. Our partners and vendors are our bread and butter of the open platform structure. This paired with our unparalleled products opens the possibility to create a taylored top-notch security solution that is more effective and less expensive than a proprietary system.

  • We Know Access Control

    We focus on what we know- access control. And we do it well. Our user-friendly flagship software, DNA Fusion, has an InfoReady structure for easy access to all system data by using the drag and drop component or quick popup windows. DNA Fusion interfaces with leading security technologies, giving you a best-of-breed security solution based on your unique needs.

  • Years of Innovation

    Open Options management team has more than a century of robust combined industry and integration experience; most have been with the company over 15 years. The issues facing today's systems integrators are continuously sought out and brought to our software development team where our talented engineers implement innovative new solutions.  We have the best trainers in the industry to teach you how to use our products and skilled support always available 24-7.

  • Authentic Mercury Platinum Elite Partner

    Open Options has been dedicated to the Authentic Mercury open hardware platform since 1998 meeting the strict requirements of the Platinum Elite Partner program since it began. This longevity and commitment provide our customers an evolved software solution that has grown with the leading hardware platform taking full advantage of the immense feature set available.

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