Santa Claus Couldn’t Have Provided Better Sales Support of the Customer

Twas’ the night before integration… a third-party product needed to be integrated into a high-profile customer’s access control environment. However, difficulties hung in the air, like stockings full of coal over a fireplace. An Open Options sales manager went above and beyond to deliver a fix – and without the need of a proverbial red-nosed reindeer.

“The high-profile customer required this integration to be completed by a certain deadline,” said Dan Cosgrove, Midwest Regional Sales Manager at Open Options. “But the new integration with a third-party ran into problems, and there was difficulty gaining status of this through DNA Fusion.”

The Open Options sales rep assigned to the account jumped in to muster necessary resources to address both the third-party product and DNA Fusion from Open Options.

Open Options has a commitment to do anything and everything possible to find a resolution for the customer in the shortest period of time and with the least disruption, regardless whether it’s related to DNA or a third-party product. It’s a level of sales support by Open Options that has raised the bar in the security industry. It puts the customer first. 

“It was ultimately determined the issued resided with the other company's product,” explained Cosgrove. “Their engineering support, whom we introduced to the problematic situation, was able to gain a satisfactory resolution.” And the Open Options sales manager facilitated the best response and positive outcome without having to go down a chimney. But if there was ever a need to go down a chimney to solve a problem for a customer, an Open Options sales representative would be the first to do it for the good of the customer.