Saved by the Bell: When Alarms Are Down for the Count

A customer felt as if his access control system had been knocked down when he was unable to rely on the graphics maps configured inside DNA Fusion to accurately report alarms at a school. Because tech support could not see the issue as it happened in real time, the Professional Services team at Open Options stepped into the ring to get the issue resolved before it was too late.

“I was asked to travel to the customer's site and see if I could find out what was going on,” said John Hubbard, National Sales Engineer on Open Options’ Professional Services team. “Once on site, the customer requested that we get to one of the schools early before everyone entered the building, so she could show me what her issue was. I met her at the school, and we were immediately able to see the issue.”

After comparing the log files for DNA Fusion and the Bosch panel, the Open Options engineer uncovered that some of the alarms in the Bosch panel were not being detected and reported in DNA Fusion. “Now that we could see the issue, I was able to bring the information back to our developers in order for them to resolve the issue,” explained Hubbard.

But the fix would take time, which the customer did not exactly have. With precious minutes quickly ticking away on this alarming challenge, the Professional Services engineer proactively developed a workaround in the software to help allow for more reliable reporting of the alarms from the Bosch panel into DNA Fusion.

“This workaround made the customer happy,” said Hubbard. “Also, knowing that we now could see clearly what her issue was, this went a long way in making the customer feel like the issue would get completely resolved in no time.”

This is just another example of how Open Options Connect Care turns a situation around for a customer. The access control system may have been knocked down at the start of the whole ordeal, but it was not out. In the end, Professional Services championed a solution for the customer, and the issue was resolved once and for all (with the help of the development team).

To this day, this customer continues to be a good partner, openly showcasing the success they have had with DNA Fusion. As with all customers, if you ever have an issue that needs a proactive approach, rest assured that the Open Options Professional Services team is in your corner.