Summer Heats Up with Tech Support’s Hot Fixes

A city government customer was having problems while trying to utilize custom fields for personnel entries and badge printing. This information was important to have associated in DNA Fusion and included on their printed badges. The Technical Support team at Open Options wasted no time developing the hot fixes – and going above and beyond.

Tech Support tackled two obstacles:

  1. Associating the custom fields to a badge template so that the information could be printed on the badge
  2. Straightening out the ability to update information in those custom fields

After getting the call, Open Options tech support representative Jose Charco verified the issue of not being able to associate the custom fields with a database field selection while in badge designer. He immediately escalated it to the Open Options development team, which worked quickly to develop a hot fix. Then Jose walked the customer through executing the SQL script that would address the issue so they could create the badge template that they needed to meet their requirements.

“Everything seemed to be resolved, but, unfortunately, they ran into another issue when they were attempting to update the custom fields,” said Nicholas Robran, Tech Support Manager at Open Options. “Once again, Jose got the details and escalated the issue to our development team who quickly provided another hot fix for the customer. This was all possible to resolve so fast because of the amazing cooperation between the different departments within Open Options.”

Going a step further, the development team rapidly incorporated the hot fixes into the next release of DNA Fusion. Subsequently, Tech Support reached out to the customer to assist with the upgrade and ensure that all of the updated functionality was available at the customer site.

“This functionality was a key requirement that the customer needed that could uniquely be accomplished with DNA Fusion,” added Robran. “Once upgraded with the solutions in place, the dealer and end-user customer were both very happy with the functionality.”