One Show, One Team, One ACRE

We were excited to have the opportunity to attend ISC West 2022 in Las Vegas last month, and we're so thankful for those that came to visit with us at the event. It was a busy few days for us, so there's a lot to cover. While nothing is quite like being live and in person, here's a short recap of a few of our exciting experiences.

So Fresh and New

ACRE leaders David Sullivan and Kim Loy had the pleasure of discussing the future of ACRE with several journalists and analysts at ISC West. They highlighted new ACRE innovations, the #OneACRE transition, and what the year ahead holds for our ever-growing organization.

Innovations Abound

At ACRE, we have an extensive portfolio of products and services designed to help our dealer partners build new revenue streams while ensuring the end-users we work with have access to the advanced solutions they need to ensure comprehensive security processes. We put some of our favorite access control solutions, AccessIt! and DNA Fusion, on display for our visitors to view throughout the conference and offered a new demo of one of the upcoming products that we expect to be highly valuable across the ACRE portfolio: ACT Mobile!

We Have a Winner

ACRE's Chief Product Officer, Kim Loy, was inducted  into both Security Sales & Integration's “2022 Hall of Fame” and the Security Industry Association's “Women in Security Power 100 List.”  Both recognitions celebrate those who have served as role models and shown leadership in the security industry. We can think of no one more deserving of these honors than Kim, who has made a difference in so many of our careers. Congratulations, Kim!

Live and On Stage

ACRE's Chuck O'Leary joined Paul DiPeso, Rich Lyman, and Security Systems News Editor Paul Ragusa to discuss myths about the cloud and answer the most prominent cloud questions of a few of our peers and stakeholders at our Q&A panel "When to Cloud and When to On-Prem."

Joey St. Jacques, Director of Global Business Development, Feenics, an ACRE brand, also had the chance to take the SIA stage to give an overview of the cloud in the physical security domain and discuss the benefits of ACaaS at the “Cloud or Server-based? Which Offers the Best TCO? An End User’s Perspective of How to Determine the Best Total Cost of Ownership” session. 

So many sessions, so little time! ISC West was just the tip of the iceberg of a year full of exciting opportunities for ACRE. To keep up with what's to come, visit us here.

The Lastest is Here! DNA Fusion 8.1.1 is Now Available

Introducing DNA Fusion 8.1.1! We are excited to announce that the newest version of DNA Fusion is available now. Let’s take a look at how the latest release can benefit you! 

DNA Fusion 8.1.1 Benefits

The new update improves several features while also adding new abilities to the DNA Fusion solution. Customers will find that the update improves auto-reactive door functionality. For example, when a user presents a deactivated card to an activation door reader, the user is granted access instead of needing to badge a second time to gain entry. 

The update adds the ability to promote 1501 panels to 1502 or 4502 panels; it supports the added integration for the Inovonics Mobile Duress Integration and support for the true 64-bit card numbers. It has improved support for date/time formats when running with Non-US date/time settings, and the Mercury Driver has been updated to 

8.1.1 also moves scheduled commands like downloads, batch files, and reports to the driver, so the front end no longer has to be open for scheduled items to run. It includes Windows 11 support, improvements to the SQL search builder, and searches across tenants. 

This is a significant update, and we hope you are excited about some of these new features. Thank you for your continued support; please enjoy the latest software release!

DNA Fusion 8.1.1 is available now. To learn more about these solutions, visit our website. 

ACRE Dealer Days Announcement

New year, new opportunities, and we are excited to announce the ACRE Dealer Days 2022  virtual meetings! Dealer Days is an exclusive virtual conference where ACRE brands will gather to network, have interactive sessions, exciting giveaways, and more. We will be discussing ACRE solutions like Access It!, DNA Fusion, and the dealers that support and sell these innovative solutions. 

We have made it easy for you to attend one of two days for your specific product interest. Whether you are focused on selling and supporting Access It! (Tuesday, February 15th) or DNA Fusion (Wednesday, February 16th), we've got a great day-long program planned to get you the latest on product advancements, sales tools, and what's to come to help you grow your business and create a safer, more streamlined future. 

We are thrilled to have you come to learn, network, share strategies and unlock all the features and innovations around these platforms. 

Schedule of events: Pick the date and time that works best for you!

  • Tuesday, February 15, 2022, | 10:00 am-6:30 pm (CT) - Dealers Focused on Access It!
  • Wednesday, February 16, 2022, | 10:00 am-6:30 pm (CT) - Dealers Focused on DNA Fusion

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