Introducing the DNA Fusion Recertification Course

Has it been a while since you first purchased our access control solution, DNA Fusion? In need of a refresher? We’ve got you covered. Open Options is thrilled to announce the DNA Fusion Recertification course! The Recertification course is specifically designed to serve as a reminder for those who completed the Essentials Course for DNA Fusion anytime over two years ago.

As you may know, our mission here at Open Options is to place customers at the heart of our operations by demonstrating our commitment to robust training, and certification. This new self-paced course will re-train and review already existing key concepts of DNA Fusion as well as introduce any new features or updates. Because we are dedicated to deepening the relationships with our partners and end-customers, we've designed the course to be as convenient and helpful as possible. We are confident the training will help ease the recertification process and provide greater access to long-term success with our expanding access control product portfolio. 

We are also excited to announce that there will be expanded training for both sales and technical resources. Our partners can now rest assured knowing they will be fully equipped with the most up-to-date Open Options technologies and certifications. 

"Continuous training is at the heart of our operations. We believe that providing these flexible options for our customers empowers them with a robust understanding of the system and ultimately sets them up for success. As the security industry continues to evolve, there will always be a need for new and evolving programs to meet changing business requirements. Creating a self-paced course that enocurages our customers to stay on track with these changes helps to optimize the lifecycle and use of our technologies in real-world applications."

Chuck O'Leary, Sr. Vice President, Americas, Access Control, ACRE

The DNA Fusion Recertification Course is now available for Open Options customers.