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The Creative Use of DNA Fusion – The New Challenge of Temperature Checks at Entry Points

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an end-user customer was required to create security points where temperature checks would be conducted of each employee who is entering certain buildings. A high fever is a sign of possible coronavirus infection at which point the employee is denied access to the building in order to protect other employees. But how does one use an access control system to give or deny access to a building based on a person’s body temperature? Open Options’ Tech Support team had to get creative. 

Although DNA Fusion does a lot, controlling access to a building based on whether a person has a fever or not was a new challenge for Open Options, uniquely reflective of the COVID-19 era. The end user’s dealer contacted Luis Solorzano on the Technical Support team of Open Options for assistance after they were already utilizing anti-passback, which was unable to be further used to accomplish their goals.

The buildings that needed to have this special controlled access, based on monitoring people’s body temperature, did not have any physical barrier that would force personnel working in those buildings to a checkpoint every day. Luis engaged the entire support team at Open Options to find a solution to meet the customer’s needs.

The best solution that could be implemented rapidly, the team agreed, was to have DNA Fusion deactivate the credentials at a set time every day of those people who work in different shifts in those buildings. Then when they return to work, they would need to go through the checkpoint to get their temperature checked and, if cleared, badge in at the checkpoint, which would then re-activate their credentials, so they could proceed into the building.   

“After working out the details to address multiple shifts and only affect certain personnel, instead of de-activating everyone at the company daily, the solution was presented and tested on-site,” said Nic Robran, Technical Support Manager, Open Options.  “Once tested, the customer was very pleased with the solution, and they were able to get the desired function without needing to wait so that they could implement the safety measures for food prep due to the current global crisis.”