“The Demo must go on!”

One of Open Options’ customers called in the midst of installing a demo for an end-user because they were having issues with getting the license to install correctly at the site. After working with the client for a few minutes online, it was determined that the license file was corrupt on the server they were trying to install it on. For this pre-sales situation, a top engineer from the Professional Services department of Open Options went immediately to work on the problem, as the clock was ticking on this on-site demo.

At this point, the Open Options engineer exited the install, removed the old license file and downloaded a new one. Then the customer was able to proceed with the install. As the customer experience comes first, the engineer remained on the line to make sure that DNA Fusion would start on the server.

However, there was another issue that kept DNA Fusion software from opening. The service account was not added in the services correctly. Quickly, Professional Services corrected it. As a result, the customer was relieved that it was resolved in a timely manner. The demo could go on.

“Our Professional Services team was able to connect with the technician and help ease his frustrations, and get his problem resolved,” said John Hubbard, National Sales Engineer, Professional Services at Open Options. “Because we were available to help him in a timely manner, he was able to show the potential end-user customer that the Open Options team was willing and able to help resolve any problems they ran into.”

This example demonstrates that Open Options Professional Services is a team of professionals ready to help with any issues that a dealer or an end-user may encounter.