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Thumbs Up for Tech Support on Finger Scans

Just days before classes began at a private school, the thumb print scans via BioConnect software were not delivering the correct data from the reader, forcing them to leave all doors unlocked to allow access to the school. With nerves running high, the school called Open Options’ Tech Support after the BioConnect support team failed to solve the issue.

“As all finger scans were coming in as ‘access denied,’ we had to work with the BioConnect software integration to ensure that all personnel were linked in DNA Fusion correctly, and that we were receiving the correct data from their software,” said Nic Robran, Technical Support Manager at Open Options. “We care about the customer experience overall and are focused on solving the problem, even when the product is not our own. This particular customer needed assistance getting the security system squared away and back online to control access to the school.” 

Luis, one of the highly qualified Open Options technical professionals at the other end of the line, connected immediately with the school.  He analyzed the data and saw that they had conflicting formats for BioConnect.  He was quickly able to identify the issue as the reader was sending the correct ID, but it was not associating with the correct format. 

Solving the problem was just a matter of making some programming changes to the system. Luis got the formats sorted out on the controller, so the finger scans coming in from the reader were correctly associated to the correct format.  He verified that everything was operational and that the customer was able to get the entire campus secure. 

“The customer was ecstatic that the Open Options technical support team was able to get their system working and the campus secure before classes started, “said Robran. “They were so grateful for Luis’s help and personalized attention in solving the issue.  There exact words to us were "At Open Options you guys are just perfect. I have no complaints. You guys have always been spectacular."