Training Heats Up with Custom System User Classes

Training comes in many different flavors, sizes and locations, including online. While customers of DNA Fusion can get the standardized training they need to understand the essentials and optimize the use of the platform, an increasing number of customers are discovering the “secret sauce” in custom administrator training tailored to their needs.

“The Open Options training team loves custom system user classes since it allows us to provide solutions to our customer’s needs and address them individually,” said Sherinda Barrow, Director of Education Services at Open Options. “The training environment provides a safe place to explore the software and its many options to address each customer’s specific training requirements.”

The Open Options training department is having a busy summer connecting with Open Options system users and dealers at home and on the road. The Training team packed their bags and headed to Tulsa and North Carolina recently to connect with customers, and they had dealers from all over the United States join us for training at our headquarters in Texas to obtain DNA Fusion Essentials certification.

New growth within our customers has spurred the need to train more personnel. There were two recent system user classes that were added to the schedule to accommodate our customers’ needs. One customer, who has committed to training their personnel since April 2015, have sent five of their personnel to training to learn more about their Open Options system.

Introducing our New ConnectEd Learning Center

Open Options is also excited this summer about the new Learning Management System (LMS) for training / education. Through this new online learning center, customers of Open Options have access to a wide variety of learning opportunities through the ConnectEd partner portal.  The courses in which customer can enroll can be taken online for complete self-paced training or as scheduled distance learning, classroom instruction and/or live training events. It’s access that connects to high-quality training: