Training Hit the Road to Enrich the DNA Fusion Customer Experience

Open Options’ Training team recently took their classroom on the road to train some system operators and technical staff on site at a major venture company. The company made a decision to invest in training their staff further on the use of DNA Fusion in order to get more out of their investment in the platform. They wanted the full Connect Care experience. 

“They wanted to learn more on the hardware configuration side of the system as well as train their system operators,” said Sherinda Barrow, Director of Education Services at Open Options. “We put together a custom agenda that allowed for two separate classes to make sure they received the training they needed.” 

Sherinda led the effort to set up a hands-on class in Michigan.  The first two days were centered around the hardware wiring and hardware configuration within DNA Fusion. “We had 11 students for the technical training to learn more about wiring hardware in the field, and they wanted to educate themselves on the hardware being deployed in the field, so they can be more self-reliant.” 

In addition, a number of the integrator's technicians joined the team to learn more about the product during this training conducted by Open Options. 

The third day was devoted to the five operators who manage DNA Fusion. “These operators have the day-to-day responsibility for the system, and they came with specific questions,” explained Sherinda.  “The operators had a number of pain points that we worked through with them in the middle of the training session and we helped them find the solutions they needed.”

The outcome of the three-day educational workshops was extremely positive for the customer. 

“The training for this customers staff allowed the operators to implement policies and procedures,” said Sherinda. “It also provided some clarification on the lock integration they have deployed. They were thrilled to see that DNA Fusion provided them the ability to copy access from one cardholder and apply that access to another cardholder with a few clicks. In the past, they had been taking a picture of the access on the desired card and referencing back to the picture when adding access to the new cardholder.”

She added, “I love those light bulb moments!”